• Traffic Management


    TKC Telecom designs, develops, installs and manages telecommunications systems that monitor international and domestic traffic.


    The system performs the following functions:


    • Generates traffic volume

    • Measures Quality of Service (QoS)

    • Calculates revenues by type of service (voice, data and value-added  services)

    • Identifies suspect traffic (bypass/fraud)

    • Generates information on terminal equipment identification

    • Generates SIM profile information


    In addition, TKC’s team of analysts continually provides operators with input pertaining to irregularities in their CDRs, with a view to improving data processing methods.


    Since 2009, TKC’s systems have been tracking and analyzing CDRs from millions of users. The resulting body of data is an important tool for regulators to reconcile dispute cases between operators involving voice traffic (domestic and international) and SMS compensation.


    Regulators rely on TKC’s systems to reconcile operator declarations for tax collection purposes, to evaluate QoS in accordance with license obligations and to manage resource allocation to operators.

  • Radio Frequency Spectrum Management


    The radio frequency spectrum is a unique resource, benefitting all aspects of society. As such It affects a broad range of activities whether private, commercial or scientific as well as issues related to defense, national security and public safety.


    Effective management of a nation’s radio frequency spectrum is essential for the growth of the telecommunications sector which includes telephony (particularly wireless-based), broadcasting, satellite services and air traffic control.


    TKC Telecom, in alliance with key partners including the Canadian government, offers integrated solutions independent of any manufacturer. The systems proposed by TKC are solely based on the needs of its clients in line with market trends and rapid technological change.


    TKC's spectrum management system measures land-mobile spectrum usage by generating reports essential for a variety of government requirements, including license management, spectrum monitoring, coordination and spectrum planning, frequency assignment and channel allotment, equipment site identification and numerous others.


    TKC Telecom has developed customized tools to enable it to manage a diversity of database solutions which have evolved to meet the needs of the expanding wireless sector.

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