Our Experience

TKC Telecom was incorporated in 2001, at which time it was a provider of international telecommunications services  specialized in internet telephony. From 2001 to 2008, TKC Telecom operated, developed and implemented a management platform for international telecommunications in over 25 countries.


Since that time, relying on its IT expertise combined with a solid R&D program, TKC Telecom has focused its efforts on providing services to regulatory bodies that require telecommunications traffic monitoring systems designed to establish traffic volume, generate billing data and mesure quality of service indices.


The Company is recognized for its expertise in internet telephony with over a decade of experience in VOIP technologies and has successfully faced numerous challenges related to international traffic management, interconnection issues, network traffic transit and call termination.


TKC Telecom designs, develops, installs and manages the telecommunications traffic monitoring systems for both international and domestic calls. The members of TKC Telecom’s team have acquired broad experience in the telecommunications sector in over 60 countries including several on the African continent and in Latin America.  The team of analysts provides in-depth analysis  of the telecommunications traffic picture and is capable of detecting, tracking and blocking bypass/fraud traffic.


In short, the monitoring and control systems provided by TKC Telecom alleviate problems related to overbilling, fraud and traffic underestimation.

Senior Management

  • Samir Talhami - President and CEO


    Mr Talhami, the founder and president of TKC Telecom has acquired over twenty-five years' experience in the field of international telecommunications. Over the course of his career Mr. Talhami has occupied several senior positions with key industry players, including Bell Canada, Teleglobe Canada and DTI Telecom (today a member of SNC Lavalin Group).


    Mr. Talhami’s international career has taken him to more than 50 countries in his capacity as telecommunications expert for projects financed by the World Bank, the African Development Bank, the United Nations (UNDP), the Canadian International Development Agency and several public and private investors.


    Mr. Talhami is a pioneer in the commercialization of Voice over IP services. His involvement in the development of VOIP solutions since 1996, led to the creation of a start up-company in 1998, which, within two years had received an award of excellence and was generating eight million dollars in monthly revenues.


    Today, Mr. Talhami is involved in a number of organizations around the world, including in Canada, Mexico, Chile and Togo.

  • Linda Crombie - Vice President, Administration


    Ms Crombie counts over twenty years of experience in the international telecommunications sector, working in various managerial, administrative and consultancy positions for a number of employers and clients including Teleglobe Canada, Bell-Northern Research, Hydro-Quebec and the United Nations (UNPD).


    Ms Crombie holds a post-graduate degree in applied management from McGill University at Montreal, a Master’s degree from the University of Montreal and a B.A. from the University of British Columbia. She has occupied the position of Vice-President, Administration at TKC Telecom since its inception in 2001. In addition to her human resources management skills, Ms Crombie has developed a solid expertise as a consultant for the production and supervision of viability and feasibility studies as well as market studies and GSM license application documents for international clients in over a dozen countries.

  • Michael Shurtleff - Chief Technical Officer


    Mr. Shurtleff is a professional engineer with over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications sector. He has occupied the position of Chief Technical Officer at TKC Telecom since its inception in 2001. He holds several degrees and diplomas in the computer and engineering fields, including a Master’s (electrical engineering) from the University of Illinois USA, a BSc from Queen’s University in Ontario Canada and a graduate diploma in Computer Science from Concordia University in Montreal. Mr. Shurtleff’s principal activities at TKC Telecom involve research and development of IP voice systems and networks. Since 2008 he has supervised, developed and installed an automated telecommunications traffic management system for TKC clients using database and network technology.


    Over the course of a long career at TKC Telecom, Nortel Networks and Bell Northern Research, Mr. Shurtleff contributed to the development of various specialized application software packages such as voice recognition. In addition, Mr. Shurtleff’s experience includes work in the areas of telephone transmission standards, telephone network operation support and development of radio communication systems.


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